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The Art of Participatory Leadership Training

Scotland Has Awakened
29th September – 2nd October 2015,  New Lanark

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How can we engage all voices to shape the Scotland that is emerging?

How do we create a culture of participation where every contribution is valued?

How can we nourish the conditions and potential for change that is so alive at the moment?

How can we transform the ways we work together for more effective meetings and wiser decision making?

Are you interested?

For a recommendation of the training and the venue, watch this brief video (you may be asked to download the file to play it, it is safe!):


Engaging in Conversation

We are in the midst of significant change. Scotland’s citizens have found their voice and have claimed their right to use it. Today, we are calling for a better nation grounded in a culture of meaningful participation. Simultaneously, there is deepening complexity and challenge, as global crises of people, economy and planet play out in our services, institutions and neighbourhoods.

As citizens, communities, organisations, if we are to unlock the potential of our people, if we are to better navigate the deepening complexity, and if we are to move from crisis to opportunity, then we need new ways of working together, more effective engagement processes, new forms of leadership and the ability to transform conversation into wiser action.

The Art of Participatory Leadership training is an intensive 3 day training course which will develop your skills and experience in using a range of participatory processes and practices. It provides models and tools to enhance your abilities to work with complexity, uncertainty and change.

Use Deeper Engagement Processes


A teaching session

During the training you will

Practice and explore hosting conversations as a core leadership practice and skill-set for leading change in complex systems.

Have the opportunity to apply what you are learning to a change project you bring. From policy and national initiatives to grass roots organising, business change and movement building.

Gain experience in using participatory processes, including Open Space Technology – Appreciative Approaches – Circle – World Cafe – Collective Story-harvest.


A World Cafe conversation in progress.

Learn about frameworks and process design tools which support participatory practice such as: Chaordic Design – Four Fold Practice – Art of Harvesting -Organisational Paradigm and Living System approaches.

The aim of this training is to:

Build capacity for community, organisational and business leaders across Scotland to respond in innovative and collaborative ways to the increasingly complex challenges we face now.

Train citizens and decision makers in hosting meaningful conversations for substantive and long lasting solutions that work for people and organisations in all sectors in Scotland.

Design Wiser Action and Systemic Change

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Developing Participatory Leadership

To Join Us

The next Art of Participatory Leadership in Scotland takes place between 29th September and 2nd October 2015.

The training will be held within the wonderful New Lanark Mill Hotel situated in the heart of the18th century World Heritage site of New Lanark.

Participants are invited to arrive after 4pm on Tuesday 29th September for dinner that evening and the training concludes at 4pm on Friday 2 October 2015.

This is a residential course and the price is fully inclusive of accommodation, meals and all relevant materials. We are able to offer a wide range of costs to suit individuals, corporate and community group representatives. We will strive to ensure financial consideration is not a barrier to those wishing to attend.

Some discounts may be available for Group Registrations. We anticipate costs will range from £480 – £900, this being dependent on a number of factors – so please call Gordon Carmichael for more details.

For further information on this training call Gordon Carmichael on: 07984 45 1111
To register to attend, please contact Jane Brunton:

The New Lanark Mill Hotel
Founded in 1785 in a dramatic gorge close to the famous Falls of Clyde, the mill village of New Lanark quickly became known all over the world under the enlightened management of social pioneer. Robert Owen. The Village of New Lanark, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been beautifully restored as a living, working community and as part of that restoration, New Lanark Mill Hotel was created. Secluded yet accessible, we hold an enviable location in the rural splendour of the Clyde Valley.

New Lanark

New Lanark