The Art of Hosting – Scottish Context

Within Scotland particularly a number of developments are offering a unique opportunity to shape the future of the country. Developments such as the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill and the Regeneration Strategy offer us the opportunity – and the responsibility- to move from consumers of services to citizens, who have an active role to play in shaping key decisions at local and national levels. A commitment to public sector reform has come with the recognition that public services need to do things differently, collaboratively, and with communities. However, our institutions must undergo significant change if they are to deliver effectively for us, and with us. Meanwhile across the country, networks for change across all sectors are forming and growing, which provide alternatives as to how Scotland can thrive.

Within this context key questions surface for Scotland:

  • How do we create the conditions for deep systemic change in Scotland?
  • How do we create the right conditions for the Government, Business and Community to come together to allow these three pillars of society to self-organise and allow the people to flourish?
  • How can we help the emergence of a new way of living by listening to the voice and spirit of the people?

If we are to realise this potential we need new ways of leading, of organising, and of operating which create shared and collaborative values, which enable participation from all stakeholders, and which can harness the collective intelligence of Scotland’s citizens to realise true systemic change.