Hosting Team

monicaMonica Nissén starting her professional life with a degree in architecture and found very early on, that designing processes, was just as interesting as designing buildings.   For the past 25 years she has worked as a process consultant. Since Toke Moeller and Monica co-founded InterChange in 1991, They have worked with dialogue based, participatory processes, engaging larger groups of people in co-creating solutions, strategies or the futures they want. In working with larger groups, besides facilitating, my special interest has been “Learning Ecology” – that is to harvest the results of these conversations, so that the collective wisdom and insights can be captured and put to good use.


Toke MollerToke Paludan Møller has been pioneering the fields of sustainable entrepreneurship, participatory leadership, educational renewal, and social responsibility since the early 1970s. Toke has worked for the Danish educational system, international NGOs, public and governmental institutions, both small and larger companies in the private sector, international networks in many countries, and villages in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Toke is the co-founder of The Art of Hosting, The Flow Game, and the Warrior of the Heart dojo; former Chair of the Board of the Danish Entrepreneurs Association and long-time international professional conference organiser and process host. For the past six years he has worked with colleagues in support of large-scale systems transformation in England, the US, and Canada, as well as in the European Commission. See for more information.


Linda Joy Mitchell is a process designer and dialogue host, a natural community builder and a gentle sysLindatem disturber. With a background in psychotherapy and coaching and bringing many years experience of working in the UK civil society and public sector advising on strategic process and participative citizen consultation. Linda works with teams, individual leaders, strategic partnerships, and grass roots communities, developing collective intelligence and crafting opportunities for people to come together and build strong collaborative relationships with the power to systemically transform how we work as well as how we live our lives.

Pamela GalbraithPamela Galbraith Since graduating from the RSAMD (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama – now called the Royal Conservatoire Scotland ) in 1979, Pamela was interested in using the Arts in Community Work to address local concerns and therefore attended Moray House College in Edinburgh to do a Post Graduate Course in Community Work after a few years of doing some theatre work in the North East of Scotland. She then worked in community development projects using the arts for 23 years in the Highlands and is still doing so today.

Bronagh GallagherBronagh Gallagher is committed to social change and is passionate about the need for new processes, tools and practices to achieve this. She has over ten years’ experience working in the third sector, and has spent the past five years supporting and developing a network of voluntary organisations in West Glasgow. Her main interests are in, designing processes which support social change particularly within the context of communities, public service delivery and the development of a collaboration culture, and the potential of participatory democracy in creating sustainable, resilient communities.


Gordon Carmichael has decades of experience resolving conflict. A retired police officer, he has worked at the heart of broken IMG_0837families and communities. University qualification in Person Centred Counselling further honed his active listening skills and ongoing commitment to Crisis Counselling in Renfrewshire, has deepened his ambition to strive for system change. Presently engaged as a Manager in Primary Care, and actively supporting his own community, Gordon has a well-proven record of commitment to developing the full potential of the individual and their environment.Excited by the opportunities presented by the Art of Hosting, Gordon is committed to ensuring its many practices are widely and appropriately deployed. He believes that engaging the participation of every citizen, and at all levels of our society will increase the well-being of each community, communities, workplaces and governing authorities.


Andy-Lippok02Andy Lippok helps people and organisations make life and work meaningful, through the practices of self-management, wholeness, evolutionary purpose, and the art participatory leadership and democracy; with the result that people and organisations become rich, vibrant, and meaningful – helping them all on the path to being brilliant!

At the end of June 2015 Andy organised a conference in Edinburgh bringing Jos de Blok the Founder of Buurtzorg Nederland to share with health and social care professionals, Scottish Government officials and the Cabinet Secretary for Health, what Buurtzorg delivers so effectively in the area of integrated community health and social care. A real triumph and so much potential for Scotland, and as a result in the autumn he’ll be working with many people to set up a number of test-experiments of the Buurtzorg approach across Scotland!


Sandy Brunton was born and brought up on the Isle of Mull and trained as a boat builder.  He and his wife returned to Mull  in 1986, where they reopened the village shop in Fionnphort and raised a family of Sandythree. After 25 busy years, they sold the shop in 2011.  Sandy was and continues to be completely immersed in community life and is involved in numerous projects and groups on and off the island. He is convenor of Mull and Iona Community Trust, chair of Development Trust Association Scotland, and is also a director of the Scottish Islands Federation and the Scottish Rural Parliament. Since selling the shop, he has committed his time to working with community groups, social enterprises and other organisations around the country.


The team would like to acknowledge and thank Jim Mather,  and Valerie Menelec for their contribution in bringing The Art of Hosting to Scotland. The team would also like to acknowledge the support and interest of Scottish Government.