Past Training June 2014


Scotland is awakening. If we are to seize the opportunities emerging in communities, businesses and organisations across the country, now is the time to be brave and do things differently.

We must explore new paths so we can achieve the fundamental changes needed to realise our potential together.

Join us as we learn the art of hosting authentic conversations, at every level of Scottish society, to lead us to wiser action and real change.

24th – 26th June 2014

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We aim to:

  • Build capacity for community, organisational and business leaders across Scotland to respond in innovative and collaborative ways to the increasingly complex challenges we face now.
  • Train citizens and decision makers in hosting meaningful conversations for substantive and long-lasting solutions that work for people and organisations in all sectors in Scotland.

Will you join us?

The purpose of this training is to:

  • Support Scotland to be in conversation with itself about its future, by offering maps, methods, mental models and personal practices for systemic change
  • Bring people together who are longing to find new ways of working collaboratively and connect up the many innovative and diverse initiatives that are already happening in Scotland
  • Move beyond ‘hero’ leadership towards participatory leadership, which involves everyone in the creation of the solution

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During the workshop we will practice and explore:

  • Hosting conversations as a core leadership practice and skill sets for leading change in complex systems.
  • Apply what we are learning to change projects you bring. From policy and national initiatives to grass roots organising, business change and movement building.
  • Developing competence in interactive processes that support participatory leadership, Open Space technology – Appreciative Inquiry – Circle – World Café – Pro-action Café.
  • Frameworks and Process Design tools such as: Chaordic Design – Theory U – Organisational Paradigm and Living System designs.

For further information and queries contact Pamela Galbraith: 07796 110064 or email her.


“This is the best training I have had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission” – Senior manager in the European Commission

“I have been facilitating groups for over 30 years, but the Art of Hosting provided a new approach to engaging people around their most cherished values and working together for the common good.”

“This beautiful Learning Journey awakened me to leadership from the inside out, rather than the top down.”